I Did It!

I Did It!

I’m a child of the 1950s and 1960s. Early rock and roll. Chuck Berry. Little Richard. Duane Eddy. Buddy Holly. Elvis Presley. Buddy Knox. The good old days.

I studied guitar and music theory in high school. Jazz, but not rock and roll. Then, in my senior year, I met Barbara. No more music.

Besides, I never knew how they made those sounds. My guitar sounded plain, no twang, no reverb, and no echo. It was not until 40 years later, in the late 1990s when I restarted playing guitar that I learned about the electronics of music.

After a few more years, I could play some rock and roll, and even jam with others. The passion grew, and for the past 10 years, an evolving group of friends has met at my house almost every Sunday morning to play and sing rock and roll, blues, folk, and whatever else strikes our fancy.

I have improved, but most of the folks are far better than I, having played and sung professionally. A judge, an accountant, consultants and educators, a stay-at-home dad, teenage children of the older band members, and many more, all play and sing.

I mostly play rhythm guitar, but I have sung a bit, usually with others and occasionally alone. And, I am getting there: realizing the dream. Playing and singing rock and roll. In recent months, more forcefully, more strongly.

Then, last week, I sang a whole song. It was not too bad. Actually, it was pretty good. In fact, it was my personal best – so far. The band clapped. Next time, it will be better. But, I did it! I sang the whole song! Yippee!

I fulfilled my dream!

What is your dream?

  • Cat

    This is beautiful Art and so inspirational!  thanks for sharing it.