The Halloweening of Politics

The Halloweening of Politics

Politics today is a game of tricks and treats. Everyone seems to have a trick or a gimmick – or want to believe in a trick or a gimmick – and everyone wants a treat – something for nothing.

Wealth will trickle down. We can cut taxes and increase government spending. Entitlements will never be reduced. Everyone is entitled to, and will receive, a quality education, a good job, and a comfortable life style. Wealthy people, and wealthy countries, can continue to possess a disproportionate share of the wealth.

No wonder people are fed up. There is too much dishonesty, too many unfulfilled promises, and too much rhetoric. There is shouting, instead of civility. There are labels, instead of ideas. There are attacks, instead of embraces. There are too many political games, too many tricks.

Like Halloween, politics is the art of deception. Wear a mask. Make something appear what it is not. Wear a costume to disguise reality. Except in politics, unlike Halloween, the masks and the costumes remain on the next morning. No wonder people don’t trust or believe the politicians.

But it’s not just the politicians. Anyone can dress up on Halloween to look like a Super Hero, when they’re only a regular person. And anyone can ask for something for nothing. We all ask for treats. We all want candy.

From the earliest age, we teach our kids to hold out an empty bag or bucket, and ask for candy. While they may say, “trick or treat,” most kids would never think of tricking if there were no treats. Yet, if any portion of the electorate thinks their treats, their benefits, or their entitlements, are in jeopardy, they get angry, they protest, they threaten electoral retaliation, and these days, they occupy.

Sure, Halloween is fun, but what’s the message? The average American family spends $21 on candy, and the department stores have their Christmas decorations out even before Halloween. Get candy and spend on gifts. Surely, we can enshrine greater values.

Fortunately, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Share a meal, and reflect on the year gone past. At a time when a fundamental American precept – namely, that the future for the next generation will be better than it was for the last – is under challenge on all fronts, think about what you will be thankful for next Thanksgiving. Think about the good in the future.

Forget the next election. Forget the labels. Forget the challenges. Pretend that politics, for at least a little while, is like Thanksgiving, not like Halloween. Now, that would be something to be thankful for.

  • Paul Uher

    Arthur…..personally Thanksgiving is the greatest Holiday for me….being thankful for what we have and for the past year….the fact that as American’s we have opportunities even in the face of hardship’s(at least what we think are hardships)….it was nice to see Nordstrom’s come out with their statement about “we won’t be decking the halls until Nov. 25th, because we like to celebrate one Holiday at a time”….Halloween is just that “trick” or ‘treat”….we teach what to our children? My parents used to make the children do a “trick” before they got a “treat”….everyone knew that coming to our home meant more than ‘sticking’ out the pumpkin bucket for a piece of candy….traditions are so vital for us to get back some ‘reality’ in out politics, is not the government and entity that works for us? Apparently not, for all the “tricks” that they try…..the “treats” always seem to end up in their buckets….’we the people’ need to stand up and shout a little about the “tricks” and “tricksters” that we have elected into office….you are right, it is no wonder politicians are not trusted anymore! 
    Thanksgiving is a time to share….to give thanks, to fellowship with others, to reflect, to reset our thinking…this is my time for planning a new year….New Year’s is the washing out of any old thoughts and actions…..and Christmas is a joyous event that brings a renewed spirit to me….I love the Holidays…..
    And as we head into another election year…..I hope and pray that come a year from now we will say
    “it was a good year, the future is bright, a renewed spirit was born, and we have washed away old thoughts and set new one’s”…….It is my prayer that is what we can say!