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Please Help My 5-Year Old Friend, Taylor Love

Please help my 5-year old friend, Taylor Love, and all kids like her who have a form of cancer called Neuroblastoma. Pepsi is hosting a contest called Pepsi Refresh. A Foundation, called Arms Wide Open, founded to fund nontoxic therapies for children with Neuroblastoma (like Taylor), is battling it out between 2nd and 3rd place in this contest. The two groups with the largest number of votes in the Pepsi Refresh Contest each win $250,000, so your vote is crucial.

In a nutshell, if The Arms Wide Open Foundation wins, the grant money from Pepsi would be directed toward a promising new nontoxic Neuroblastoma therapy at Sloan Kettering, called Turbo 3F8. This is a technologically improved treatment that binds better to white blood cells – that is, it is better at killing Neuroblastoma cells. If the dose can be lowered (using the Turbo 3f8), then the toxicity would also be lowered. So, it is hypothesized that the antibody will work better with fewer side effects. If the research were fully funded now (needs about $1.5M), then Turbo 3F8 could be in the clinic by the end of 2011. The next step would be to engage a manufacturer, but without the funding ($572K for the first installment) a contract cannot be signed.

Please vote to help Arms Wide Open secure a win. The contest ends Thursday, September 30. You can vote once a day from your phone and computer. From your cell phone, Text 73774 and enter the code 102653. From your computer go to: Thank you.